At this season in our journey as a family, it is pretty simple to expalin what we are doing. Learning Kiswahili and loving people in Tanzania. We live in Arusha, Tanzania and are students of culture and lovers of people. Our family motto is: "People are our favorite!" We look ahead to the years to come with hopes of mobilizing and encouraging many leaders to be thriving and healthy influencers for the Jesus Kingdom! Thank you for visiting our site, and know that we would love your support and partnership.

Where we are in the world


##What we do

###Noah focuses his heart and time on:

  • Learning Swahili
  • Discipling & Coaching leaders
  • Influencing people through teaching, speaking and writing
  • Collaborating in The Nations

###Tricia focuses her heart and time on:

  • The Kids
  • The Home
  • Learning Swahili
  • Journeying with Women
  • Investing in Third Culture Kids