12 Steps to an Affair

Yesterday, I shared with our church the 12 (easy) steps toward having an affair. Proverbs 7 tells the story of just how easy it can be. Affairs can happen faster than most people think and cause more pain than you can possibly imagine.

So, here we go. How to ruin your life in 5 minutes. Note: you can get to step 3, 4, 5 or 6 and still be pretty easily justifying that you have done "nothing wrong." Beware!

  1. There is something that makes you lean away from you marriage.
  2. Entertain another person. I wonder. What if I had. What if I would have...
  3. Innocent meetings, flirt a little, Good job God, they're pretty attractive...
  4. Meetings become intentional and planned by at least one of you.
  5. While in a group setting, the 2 of you linger.
  6. Conversations begin to be about feelings. Are you happy? What is on your mind?
  7. Two people begin to have isolated meetings for a fake purpose.
  8. Two people begin to have isolated meetings for pleasure.
  9. Affectionate embraces and playful touching begins…in places and lengths of time that you would never find acceptable with others.
  10. Kissing, passionate embraces and increased touching ensue.
  12. Affair is made public!!

(Indebted to Brady Boyd, Lead Pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, for the material.)

There are no secrets. If you think that there are secrets, then throw your Bible out….you don't believe it either. –Doug Weiss