2 hour walk

Every Sunday we receive anywhere from 5-20 visitor cards from first time guests. We are still at the place where I call each guest personally and thank them for their visit and welcome them back. Jaye also sends a nice handwritten card early in the week.

Well, today while calling our visitors, I met a man who absolutely loved CCF this past Sunday. He remarked that it was well worth his 2 hour walk home! After church, he had no ride and didn't know anyone, so he walked home to Riverdale. 2 hours! he said it was worth it and he will be back this week to do it again! Are you kidding?!?! Well, as you can imagine...he will not be walking anymore. We are linking him up with a ride.

Man, it makes you feel like God is up to something here when people will walk 2 hours to be a part of it! This really moved me and I wanted to share it with you. You just never know the stories unfolding around us.