25 Tips for Small Groups

The other day I was asked to speak to a group of Small Group Leaders. I offered them 20 tidbits of advice that flowed out of what we have learned in the last year and a half. I thought I would share them with you too:

  1. Meet as often as possible. Infrequent meetings produce snail pace discipleship.
  2. Bring people far from God. Your small group should reach lost people.
  3. Everyone talks. No few dominate.
  4. No few dominate. Everyone talks.
  5. Including you. If you lead, shut up a lot more! Silence invites depth.
  6. Stay in the Bible.
  7. Pick 1-10 verses. Read the verses twice. Once for the head. Once for the heart.
  8. Stay in the Word.
  9. Everyone shares what they hear from the Lord in the scripture.
  10. Stay in the Scriptures.
  11. Do not allow people to leave the text you are on. Stay in one place. Listen to God there. Bible jumping causes deep insecurity in new Jesus Followers.
  12. Draw people out. You will need to invite and wait.
  13. Bring people far from God.
  14. Point everyone into one on one discipling relationships.
  15. Stop marketing Small Group in your Sunday Service to among saved people.
  16. Invite people to join you that are far from God.
  17. Ask loud people to take a risk and talk less.
  18. Ask quiet people to take a risk and talk more.
  19. Point people back to the bible, especially when they say crazy things. Ask them to show you where what they said is stated in the text you read.
  20. Drop the DVD studies and pick up the Bible! You will never need another DVD study again. (Unless you hear God to use one.)
  21. Look for leaders- train and launch them to start a new group.
  22. Keep what you do every time you gather simple and the same so it can be reproduced.
  23. If your group is all Christians, please invite and bring people far from God.
  24. Oh, and reproduce.
  25. Oh, and stay in the Bible.