30 things you may not know about me...

  1. I grew up 9.2 miles from CCF!
  2. I forget any joke 60 seconds after I hear it.
  3. My expectations for myself are pretty high.
  4. My expectations of others are pretty high.
  5. I lived in PA for 6 years, and have been back in MD for 4.5 years. 
  6. I had my first car for one week before blowing a head gasket. (86 Ford Escort)
  7. God literally sent me my Administrative Assistant, Jaye!  She is the bomb.  I share her with the church for now. :-) 
  8. The only TV I can watch is Football and News....anything else I am asleep or tuning it out.
  9. My Father was adopted and we have no idea who his family is.  We just started searching for them last week.  My sister is leading the charge on it...she is good at this kind of stuff.  I may meet a Grandparent, Uncle, Aunt or Cousin for the first time if we are successful.
  10. I love country music!  George Straight is my fave.
  11. My Dad grew up in Japan until he was 6.
  12. I wrestled for the boys and girls club when I was 12.  My boobs hung out the side of my wrestling uniform and I got SPANKED by High School seniors (who weighed what I weighed), so I quit.
  13. I love change.
  14. My wife is a treasure.  No one knows how wonderful she is!
  15. I am addicted to accomplishment.  Probably why I LOVE to mow, vacuum or paint.  They all offer instant gratification for accomplishment.
  16. I try to listen to rap and hip hop at least twice a month to get an idea of what our youth are hearing.
  17. I got beat up once in my life.
  18. I beat someone else up once in my life. (one punch...it was just a real good one)
  19. I don't read novels.
  20. I worked for a janitorial company in High School...until I wrecked my boss's car.  It was downhill from there.
  21. I only read church ministry books...need to expand my horizons.
  22. Would love to Pastor Pastors someday.
  23. My Mom's family has it's roots in coal mining communities.  Learned alot about it last week.
  24. I have thousands of Baseball Cards...even complete sets that have never been opened.
  25. My parents thought I was going to be down syndrome.  I wasn't.  
  26. I preached my first sermon at 16 years old...at CCF!  
  27. Last Saturday morning, I greeted two CCF members at my house in my underwear.  Didn't know they were here.  Thankfully, they were guys.  If they were women, they may have left the church (after they recovered).
  28. My family calls me "Nonie".
  29. I have been to 30 States and 10 countries!
  30. I just ran out of things to tell you, but this was fun while it lasted!  :-)
Leave a "Holla" if you learned something new.  :-)