40 Years

My parents celebrated 40 years married yesterday. All 5 of their kids (and their spouses and kids) threw them a lovely anniversary dinner last night. We had an awesome time sharing memories, eating, watching a tribute DVD, etc.

I am totally blessed and inspired my my Mom and Dad. They are an example of God's design for marriage! Never perfect, but always faithful. Not always easy, but always hopeful. Not taking the glory for making it 40 years, but giving it to the Lord Jesus Christ! Mom and Dad cried from the moment they got in the door last night until the end. It was so moving and so meaningful. I do not take for granted the parents that God put over me.

My siblings are spectacular people as well. I love growing older and maturing with them. They are more than my siblings, they are my friends. I am thankful for them today, too!

We sent the parents off to Williamsburg, VA for 3 days. That's where they went on their Honeymoon 40 years ago.