6 Years Ago Today...

Today is a special day. Exactly six years ago today was my first day on staff at Capital Christian Fellowship. I remember the morning. I traveled over to the Eshleman's home on Eastourne Lane in Laurel to meet with Pastor Dave (Senior Pastor at the time). This was back before we had a building. Both Pastors worked from their home offices. We were the only two on Staff. My, have things changed in six years!!

This morning, I am reflecting on how thankful I am for this season of life and ministry. I cannot imagine how it could have been more impacting, shaping and wonderful. I really believe that the rest of our lives will be shaped by our years at CCF. I still can't believe that the trusted this young kid with such big responsibility. I can't believe the Lord did either.

Interesting fact:

We spent 6 years at Valley Forge Christian College.

We've spent 6 years at CCF.

I hope that doesn't mean....