A few bulleted thoughts before bed...

  • A few weeks ago we had a yard sale during which I connected in some neat ways to people in our neighborhood. Of course, I invited them to church. Well, this morning, one of them was at church! A lady in my neighborhood and her daughter....I did a double take when I saw her. So cool!
  • Great morning services. Dynamic worship, strong message and a baby dedication with a record number of friends and family on the stage for support (followed by an incredible meal and experience....fyi....a Portuguese get-together is a must see).
  • Adventures in Prayer tonight was a blessing. It was a genuine time of seeking the Lord. I sincerely appreciated spending over 30 minutes in consecutive prayer around the room. So often we say bookend prayers. It is so nice to just dwell!
  • Finally...I almost forgot to tell you....I had the privilege this evening of inviting a cop to church! I figured if he and I were going to spend time on the side of Greenbelt Road, I might as well invite him to come spend time with us at CCF!