A Fine Line with a Big Cost!

On Sunday in my message I talked about the power of vulnerability and authenticity. Authentic is costly. A Redskins jersey that is fake sold at WalMart is $19.99. A real one is $130.00. Authentic is costly. The small diamond I used to propose to Tricia could have been WAY bigger if I would have settled for zirconium. Because, authentic is costly.

But, check this out. There is sometimes a very fine and dangerous line between real and fake. Dealing with U.S. dollar bills, fake and real look and feel exactly the same, but fake can cost you jail. I think that in our lives there is also a fine line between being real and being fake and the difference can be as important as life and death. People are watching you. Are they getting the real deal or a fake? The difference...the line.....could be their deciding factor between life and death.

Watch this video to illustrate this. I used it last weekend in my message. It is a clip from one of the One Prayer messages.