A Ghost Town

Gotta tell you about something wild. This evening, Tricia, Davis and I went out to grab some dinner at Three Brothers in Bowie Town Center. Two minutes after we got our food, the power went out...at the entire Town Center. At least we were able to eat first, but we could not do drink refills because the fountain drink thingy runs on electric. Anyway, here is what I thought was wild. It was obviously eerie to see the Town Center basically blacked out at 6:30pm. It was also wild to see the people scattering. Hundreds of cars trying to leave at once to go shop somewhere else (that had power). It looked a concert just let out. But was more crazy was to think of the HUGE amount of money that those stores were losing every minute, every second. There they were tonight...6 days until Christmas and they cannot ring out a single customer. Wild experience.