A Great Christmas!!

Walking past my parents' home office and saw this computer here and thought I would take 2 minutes away from the noise and post a blog. We are between Dinner and Dessert and just got back from a walk around the neighborhood. There were about 8 of us. We looked like a gang! Davis and his cousin Brayan both got a little buggy that they get pushed in. They loved it! This has been a truly wonderful Christmas for us. Being with family has been a joy. Davis must have heard Santa's sleigh land on the roof because he was up at 4:30am ready to rock and roll! Any of the other 364 days of the year and we would have been getting him back to sleep. Not today. It's Christmas. We laid around, laughed and then got up to do gifts. What a different holiday when kids are in the picture!

If you are reading this, Tricia, Davis and I hope that you had a splendid Christmas!