A Week with a Movement Igniter

My life will not ever be the same after this week. Let me share why. For the last six days, I hosted a leader in my home. He was our speaker all week at CPx. I will change his name to Pastor John for security reasons.

He lives in West Africa. He is responsible for the planting of over 21,000 churches. They average 47 people in size. You do the math. And this has only been since 2005!! He texts with his President. He influences governments of nations. He serves amputees and plants churches among beggars. He is one of the most respected leaders on the continent of Africa. He has been arrested multiple times. Most recently four months ago in the Middle East. There are books written about him, though his name will be changed in the books for security reasons. The main book is called "Miraculous Movements" and you can buy it here.

I could go on and on about the credibility and accomplishments of this guy, but by far the greatest of all his accomplishments is that he oozes humility and refuses to steal any of God's glory. He loves Jesus and you can see it. He has been used mightily by God. He does what we dream of here...he ignites movements to Jesus. We just spent the week with a movement igniter. Honestly, it is the closest I have been to the action I have read about for the last few years.

He measures success in a very simple way:

1. Disciples making disciples

2. Leaders making leaders

3. Churches making churches

Reproduction. That's success in the Kingdom. So that more people would know of Jesus and the glory of God will cover the earth.

I learned a lot this week. A LOT! But, if I had to tell you the single most transformational thing I learned, it is this:

Prayer is our only hope! It is the foundation on which the house Jesus is building will stand. Nothing of significance happens without it. Most of us are terribly weak at prayer. We prop our feet up, sip our coffee, take short naps, and call it prayer. We need God to fill us up to overflowing through prayer.

Pastor John has been used mightily by God. I promise you. It is the real deal. But, get this: he prays 3-5 hours a DAY! And he has mobilized a prayer network of 3,000-4,000 intercessors. NO WONDER they are taking a continent for Jesus.  You and I can do it too, if we would only pray!

Lord, help us not to look at anyone else right now, but to start praying ourselves.