Accessible Leadership; 2 Presidents in 2 Minutes

I want to share a big blessing that I am thankful for in my life. Accessible leaders! I know plenty of Christian leaders and Pastors that do not have easy access to leaders above them. It is a big deal or a big hassle to get time with their leaders. That is not my story.

That really hit me today in a powerful moment where....
I called the President of the Lancaster Mennonite Conference (CCF's conference covering) and asked if there was any way that he had a few minutes to chat while I was here in Lancaster. He said yes! We met. He embraced me and prayed over me. Then, as I am walking out of that meeting, I am greeted and embraced by the President of Eastern Mennonite Missions (our missions sending organization). 2 Presidents in 2 minutes. I am blessed to have access to caring and gifted leaders! I see this blessing and wanted to name it. I do not take it for granted. Thank you, Lord.
(This is in addition to the meetings I am having today with other anointed leaders!)