An Update on our Miracle


About 10 days ago we shared  HERE about our fundraising journey. We shared that we were trusting God for a miracle of $27,500 in gifts so we could leave for Africa. 

Today, we are encouraged to report that we are down to $22,500! The Lord provided  $5,000 in 10 days! That's a $500 miracle a day! 

So, the journey continues. If you (or anyone you may know) wants to make a one time contribution toward our ministry, we would be ever so grateful. You can do it by clicking right here.

Even if you're unable to give, would you stand with us in faith and prayer or maybe share this with others? We have heard God call us, and now we watch in awe as He provides for what he has asked. It's a nail biter at times, but yet so fun!

Much Love from the Kaye's!