Attended a Conference...for FREE

Let me tell you what I did not know about my day today when I woke up...

I did not know that I would be attending a conference!!

I had a 7:30am breakfast meeting with a friend and local church planter, Ben Rainey. I ended up spending the whole morning "in a conference/training seminar!" He recently was equipped with a load of tools from a church planters conference he attended. He just shared LOTS of it with me this morning. I learned about:

  • How to monitor the traffic on our church website
  • The value of a dynamic website (instead of static)
  • How to monitor the traffic on my blog
  • How to make a short video for my messages...really easy...and FREE
  • How to rip clips/chapters of DVD's properly
  • How to get free stock photos and videos (that I used to pay for, btw)
  • How to send beautiful mass emails to our church about upcoming events (and then track if they get read)
  • The value that working off of 1 computer would offer me.
  • How to walk...
  • How to breathe...

OK, maybe not that bad, but I feel like I learned a year's worth of church-assisting technology in 1 morning. Thanks, Ben!

FYI, CCF provides monthly financial support to Severn River Church under Ben's Leadership. They are a church plant in Severna Park/Arnold. Pray for them.