Authors & Friends

Leaders are readers. I do love to read, because I love to learn and grow. When we finally got all our bags to one place...from Dar and Nairobi and South Africa and America...and got them all unpacked I was pleased to realize that so many of my books made it here to Tanzania (though I've parted with hundreds over the last 6 years). Of course, only the special ones made the cut. 

Anyhow...something neat emerged as I looked at my bookshelf more closely. Almost half of the books I own have been written by personal friends or acquaintances...people we know. It brought me joy and pleasure for how God has expanded our web of relationships and broadened our global network of quality leaders we interact with. We feel honored to be connected and it just makes these books feel like more than just books. Enjoy the photo I took of them. Maybe you know some of these authors too?