Babies Too


Today marks 2 weeks since our 18 month old son, Graceson had a stroke. After a week of crisis and care in Africa, we were able to return to the USA for further treatment. When something like this happens, you quickly learn a whole lot about a whole lot that you never wanted to know about, because you hoped you'd never need to. Of course, there is the medical knowledge I thought I'd never need and hope I never do again. But amid all of this, there are also many other lessons and life principles that emerge...ones that you just know you can use again someday...either for yourself or to pass on to others. I'll try to share a few of those as I can. Here's one:

Romans Chapter 8 in the scriptures is a hope-filled collection of ideas that speaks of how the whole earth is just groaning and waiting to be restored, repaired and renewed. A future glory. Yes, all of creation. Babies too. None of us are exempt. We are all impacted together and sharing together in the joys and pain of the waiting. We are all touched by sadness. By sickness. By pain. By death.  Babies too. But whether we step into it or not, we are to share together in each other's pain and joy. We are waiting together. Hoping together. Sharing together. I don't pretend to have this "future glory" thing figured out by any means, but I'm totally comfortable just being a man of hope...of faith, not detail and control. 

I can tell you this: 

We've never felt alone. Because we aren't. 

We've never blamed God. He is only good. 

At times like this, your theology informs your psychology, and it carries you. 

"But if we look forward to something we don't have yet, we must wait for it patiently and confidently." Rom. 8:25