Back Home and Out of Sorts

We are home! Vacation was GREAT!!!! Lots of "husband and wife time" and lots of fun! We really went for it. This will probably be our last vacation without Davis (and other kids), so we partied hard! Glad to be home, though! Thrilled to be with Davis!!! Reality hit hard when we pulled in. My yard is out of control, weeds everywhere, our pool is half-opened where I left it when we got the call about Brayden, behind on emails, lots of catch-up to play, and Tricia and I were both remarking that we feel out of sorts and out of place. I know that will fade away, but the last few weeks have been so crazy. Gotta chip away at it. A little reorganizing and reprioritizing and we will be set!

I am SO THANKFUL for a tremendous Staff and church and a Family that is out of this world! They are so on top of everything and so supportive. Man, the staff is trying to kick me out today and I just got back. Smile. They want me to go be with my Dad. I will tell you about Dad in the next post.

Glad to be back in the Blogosphere! (Funny fact....we hit a record high blog hits 2 days before I left for the cruise and a record low while I was not blogging during the cruise. Glad you took a break while I did!)