Be Faithful and Let God Make it Happen

Just ended a lunch meeting where I shared with a friend the importance of being faithful. (Note: We often tell others what we need to that we hear it when we say it!!) Especially coming off of a conference experience last week, it seems that all the deficiencies in my life and in the church seem to be staring at me with more intensity than they were before I left.

As I sought the Lord this morning, I heard him gently reminding me to stay faithful. I do not need to figure tomorrow has enough mystery of its own!

So, I just looked up the word faithful in a dictionary. It said: "Loyal, constant and steadfast. True to the facts or the original."

I just want to be faithful:

  • Faithful to my time with the Lord and increasing my relationship with Him.
  • Faithful to his word.
  • Faithful to my wife.
  • Faithful to my family.
  • Faithful to my call.
  • Faithful to my ministry at the church.
  • Faithful to the fact, to the original.
  • Loyal.
  • Constant.
  • Steadfast.

I don't know about you, but there are a whole lot more things that I want to see happen before I die. I am not settled in. There is a lot more that I long for in my life and ministry than just maintaining what I have. But, I keep learning that...

  • It is my job to be faithful. It is God's job to bring the increase.
  • It is my place to remain faithful. It is God's place to bring blessing.
  • It is my call to be faithful. It is God's plan to grant me the desires of my heart.
  • It is my responsibility to be faithful. It is God's greatest joy to glorify himself in me.

I feel that someone (in addition to me) needs to hear this today. Maybe you are struggling. Maybe you are reaching. Maybe you are trying to make it happen. Be faithful! Let God make it happen.

Can you connect? Can you relate? What is being faithful going to look like for you?