Six months ago today I posted my first blog! I have absolutely positively enjoyed this addition to my life.

  • Over the last six months I have developed an intense passion for writing. I write far, far more than I post here. Sometimes when I write I feel like I am on holy ground.
  • I am thrilled about the memories that I have been able to capture through this be remembered forever.
  • I love to communicate. Period. Not sure why or where it comes from but I get stoked when I can communicate with people to have them informed and on the same page. This is a dynamic place to do that.
  • I have appreciated the fact that many friends, family and co-laborers in ministry from other states and around the world can keep up with what's up with us and the church through this blog. (I am aware of readers from several different continents, which is cool.)
  • Blogging has helped me to some strange thoughts, my day, my vision, my feelings, my dreams, my's hard to explain, but it's real.

It is my hope that you have enjoyed checking in and reading as much as I have enjoyed writing. However, I doubt that's possible. It has become so meaningful to me that I would do it if not one soul ever read it.