Car Blessing

Until I came to CCF, I never heard of a car blessing. Well, not only have I done several house blessings for people in our congregation (which are very meaningful by the way), I have also been asked on numerous occasions to perform car blessings. Yes, you heard that right. Especially for some of our International Brothers and Sisters, this is very meaningful for them, culturally. You may wonder what exactly you do in a car blessing. We just go outside in the church parking lot at their request and we gather around the vehicle and thank God for His great provision, ask Him to schedule divine appointments in the vehicle, increase family bonds and transport the person/family safely to the places that God has destined them to go. Then, we bless it in the name of Jesus understanding that every good gift comes from our Father and provider.

That said, today's car blessing was over a 2008 Mercedes Benz ML500! Can you say beautiful?!?! After the prayer of blessing, I almost felt like I needed to pray a prayer of repentance for envy and lust over this vehicle.