Connecticut Shootings

Sitting at Mom and Dad's watching the news and feeling shocked and broken over the death of precious young lives in Connecticut. At an Elementary school of all places. Almost 30 lives lost. Dear, Lord we need grace. Why? Sin? Is that it? We do know this... Sin defiles God's plans and leads to death. Sometimes through cancer. Sometimes through a car accident. Sometimes through a shooting. All of it hurts. All of it makes me us long for the fullness of God's kingdom to come. The kingdom where we won't know any of this grief and pain.

Meanwhile, we suffer. While we wait.

But remember we don't just wait idly. We engage the kingdom. We bring it. We actively usher in God's purposes within the realm we've been given influence over. Are you doing this?

At times like this, we all want to point toward who and what my be to blame for the tragedy. A common question asked is "how does someone get so messed up that they could do something like this?"

A few thoughts in my mind this evening as I process aloud:

1. People long to make a difference in the world. An impact that is remembered. This is one way to do it. Not the way many of us want to. But a way some would. Hard to understand? Sure. But a reality? Yes.

2. If we watch enough sexually elicit media, we eventually act out what we poured in. Likewise, when we pour violence and murder into people through movies and video games (many of which are TERRIBLE) we can only expect the same to come out. Why would we be surprised? Many young people invest hundreds of hours into murdering people in games. It sticks.

3. Anger? Could be.

4. Reaction? Perhaps.

5. Mental illness? Incredibly possible. And very real. all points back to the same issue. A sin contaminated reality. A kingdom that is not yet fully here.

"And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast." I Peter 5:10