Cool Chapter Titles

What makes you want to read a book? For me....sometimes it's the title. Other times it's the author. However, sometimes, it's cool chapter titles. Last week, one of our youth pastor candidates was holding a book that he was reading called "Confessions of a Reformission Rev." by Mark Driscoll. When I asked what he was reading, he opened it up and shared the chapter titles with me. They grabbed me! I decided that moment that I want to read this book! I will put it on the runway. For now, here are the chapter titles:

  1. Jesus, Our Offering Was $137 and I Want to Use it to Buy Bullets - 0-45 People
  2. Jesus, If Anyone Else Calls My House, I May Be Seeing You Real Soon - 45-75 People
  3. Jesus, Satan Showed Up and I Can't Find My Cup - 75-150 People
  4. Jesus, Could You Please Rapture the Charismaniac Lady Who Brings Her Tambourine to Church? - 150-350 People
  5. Jesus, Why Am I Getting Fatter and Meaner? - 350-1,000 People
  6. Jesus, Today We Voted to Take a Jackhammer to Your Big Church - 1,000-4,000 People
  7. Jesus, We’re Loading Our Squirt Guns to Charge Hell Again - 4,000-10,000 People

Interesting, huh?