Core Church Planting Abilities

church_plantingI lead a five-month church planting program here in Cape Town called CPx (Church Planting Experience).  We just kicked off this year's training this week! The program consists of three months of teaching and two months of outreach. People often ask us what we teach in the school. Here are the core abilities that we train church planters in. The abilities below follow the progressive order of how we approach church planting. Healthy Jesus Followers > Targeting and Entering with gospel > gathering disciples > planting reproducing churches led by locals!

  1. Ability to abide with Jesus
  2. Ability to pray passionately
  3. Ability to be a healthy person on a healthy team
  4. Ability to engage neglected peoples
  5. Ability to honor other cultures
  6. Ability to share the gospel
  7. Ability to make disciples who make disciples
  8. Ability to facilitate discipleship groups
  9. Ability to catalyze local leaders
  10. Ability to ignite church planting movements

(Why abilities? We teach abilities because if you already have an ability, you can grow it.  And if you do not have one, you can learn it.)