Crazy week

This has been a crazy week! I am Pastor by day and home improvement wanna be by night. We are trying to get the new crib ready to move into BEFORE we have furniture to work around. Almost done. A few more days and 30 more trips to Home Depot for stupid little things, and we will be ready to rock and roll.

Today I had an awesome experience when I called every person that visited CCF over the last 3 weeks. The stack of cards was big! The connections I got to make on the phone were the highlight of my day! God is sending us some neat new people every week! That is something that we ought to be thanking Him for.

On the road all day tomorrow. 3 visitations and 2 off site local networking meetings. I am telling you, I am in the office less and less. I would rather be with people or in the community any day of the week! The day will come when I work from a laptop in a cubicle somewhere in the church and my office is used for ministry! We shall see!