Day with Good Friends

Holidays are a great time to slow down and spend good quality time with people that are important to us. Since I am blessed with a lot of family in the area, we obviously will spend a lot of time with them. But, before we get into family is a Friend Day for us! This morning was spent with David & Tracy Wenzel. They are great friends form VFCC. Tricia and Tracy are best friends and I have known David for 25+ years!!! Did I just say that? I am having a moment. It is always such an honor to spend time with them. They are high quality people.

This afternoon the Zieg's arrive. Jake, Michelle, Nathaniel and Brayden. I have been friends with Jake for 22+ years (next door neighbors when we were growing up). I went to High School with Michelle. We are gonna spend the evening with them. It's a full day of exchanging gifts and exchanging kids (you hold mine, I'll hold yours). Good Times.

OK, wanna hear something wild. I hooked Jake & Michelle up in High School because I thought they'd make a good couple. Then, Tricia and I hooked Dave & Tracy up in college because we thought that they'd make a good couple. Now, both couples have been married nearly 5 years and have kids..and BOTH ARE AT OUR HOUSE TODAY!! If you need us to play matchmaker, just give us a call. Smile.