Difficult Decisions

How many of you know that difficult decisions are difficult? I know that is one of the dullest statements that you have heard in a long time, but it is true. We recently made the difficult decision that we would be stopping AWANA at the end of this year (which was tonight). I went and spent the entire evening just milling around, interacting with people and allowing them to affirm this move or vent where needed. It was the right thing to do. Well, it was kinda sad tonight. I started AWANA at CCF 3 years ago. It is a great program and it has made a great difference in kids and families. However it is time to live out our vision and make the tough decisions....do we want to do many things fair or a few things with excellence? I know that this was the right decision, but it was not easy. Especially looking around at the beautiful sights tonight. I am so thankful for all the leaders that made this happen.