Difficult Questions STARTS SUNDAY!!!

I am incredibly excited about Sunday’s launch of our “Difficult Questions” series. Pastor Nelson and I just met this morning to finalize this Sunday’s message. It is GAME ON!!!

Here is a sneak preview to some of the Questions that we will be answering on Sunday:

  • If God knows all and he knows you and what you will end up doing...is there really free will?
  • If the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ...what happens to the millions of people who worship the way they were taught?
  • There are 1.8 billion people on earth who have never heard of Jesus. What happens to them when they die? They were never given a chance?
  • Should Women Be Pastors? Will there ever be a female Pastor at CCF? What is the biblical role of women in the body of Christ, especially as far as leadership?
  • We serve one God, yet the concept of the trinity confuses me. Can you please explain this in the most basic way?
  • Is God the Father the same as Allah?
  • Is God's love conditional or unconditional?

Many more to follow! We are so excited. Looking forward to a neat set design and informal, conversational setting. We would still love you to submit your questions. CLICK HERE to do it.