Dr. Daddy & The Caterpillar

After we got off work, Tricia and I assembled at home, got Davis ready and headed off for some Halloween festivities. First, we went to Davidsonville where my mom was cooking dinner for all who would come (my 2 oldest sisters live a few doors down from each other and supposedly their neighborhood is excellent for trick or treating). The picture on the above is of Dr. Daddy and the caterpillar sitting on my sisters front porch tonight.

After that, we quickly headed off to the church for the AWANA Fall Fest. It was neat to see the kids in their different outfits. Pastor TC took the award with his costume. He came dressed as a geek of some sort. It was quite a drastic look (teeth and all).

It was a fun night. Tricia and I just got Davis to bed. Before we sit down to watch Survivor, she is baking us a few cookies since we have no candy in the house on Halloween night (seeing as how we weren't home to pass any out). You know, I was thinking that life is so different with a kid on the scene. Halloween meant "the big fat nothing" to me for the last 10 years...and now...baby in the house.