Early Sunday Prayer

With this blog being my place to stop and reflect...I felt like I wanted to write this prayer this morning. I just had some alone time and I am getting ready to head to the church.

This is what is on my heart...

Lord, this is one of those (many) Sundays where I really feel like I need you to do the talking. This your day. When I don't feel ready or prepared...you are! I ask you to make your impact in lives today. Fill your house...bring people out today that want to give you honor and also want to receive what you you have for them. Holy Spirit, drive our worship and inspire our hearts. I marvel at how you speak through people as broken as I am. Lord, do the speaking at CCF today and teach us how to be your church! All my love!

In closing, I ask you this...do baby's know about daylight savings? I think I hear a noise upstairs. I'm out!