Easter Postcards

Here is another reminder (with more to come) about Easter which is coming up on March 23rd...just 12 days away! We printed 5,000 high quality postcard invitations for members of the CCF community to use in inviting their sphere of relationships.

On Sunday, we invited people to fill out postcards in the lobby and we committed to mail them out for you! We will be doing that again this Sunday. So, bring you address book! We also urge you to take a stack of these postcards to carry around with you for the next week.

Check it out... just yesterday, I handed out postcards invitations and invited people at Giant, McDonald's, my Barber Shop and Home depot. Those were just errands that I had to run. Today, I will hit some more places. Later in the week, I will be personally inviting my neighbors on my street. Won't you join me in inviting people?

Finally, I wanted to share how excited I am that Jaye (Our Director of Operations) will be mailing postcards to every person that has visited CCF over the last 2 years.

--Really looking forward to an awesome Easter celebration.