Electric Chair Around Your Neck?

Last week in Staff Meeting, we had an insightful conversation about the sacrifices in walking with Christ. In Luke 9:23, Jesus said that we need to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow him! Lots of people interpret "taking up your cross" in a lot of different ways. But, one thing is for sure....taking up your cross as a disciple has to do with sacrifice. In Jesus' case...LIFE SACRIFICE!!
In Jesus' time, the cross was the symbol of death...brutal death for criminals. My, how things have changed! In just 2,000 years, the meaning of the cross has drastically changed. Now, we wear it around our necks, hang it on our walls, and wear it on our shirts.
I understand that the cross is a reminder of the amazing sacrifice of Jesus. I get that! But, it is also a symbol of death and sacrifice. It may be likened to the electric chair or gas chamber of today. Are you ready for that type of sacrifice? Are you a disciple? Are you ready to deny yourself? Are you ready to take up your cross?
Would you wear an electric chair around your neck? Or a gas chamber? The meaning of this cross we wear around our neck is not some pretty little stylish symbol. It means more than we can even grasp!
(I know that this image is a tad stunning. But, I believe it makes a relevant point.)