Facebook Fan!

If I have any doubt before about this whole Facebook thing....it's gone....I'm a believer!

Here are a few reasons why:

  • I made 3 new friends in Guyana! Not online...in person! Because I saw them on Facebook at a restaurant we were at. I walked up and said: "Oh, cool. Facebook! I want to be your friend." There faces lit up as they asked me my name and typed it in the search box. I am now friends with Collin, Lisa and Marlon from Guyana! We communicate. They see me talk about my family, my church and my God. Seeds are being planted! Love it!
  • Facebook is growing our church (and will keep doing so if we leverage it)! I am connecting with old friends and acquaintances that are coming to CCF. Two more friends are planning to visit this weekend! The connections are amazing.
  • Unlike other social networking sites, it is easy to use and consumes very little time. Maybe I am doing something wrong or underusing it, but I check it every other day for 3 minutes and stay in touch. (The fact that my Twitter updates automatically show up there make me look like a power user.)

Facebook Rocks! It is going to open up great doors for impacting people. That is my heart! That is why I do it. Lord knows I don't need one more thing to do. I see it as a tool, not a toy! It is all in how you use it. You have to use it, not let it use you!

(If you have not joined, do so today at www.facebook.com)