Farewell 2008...A Closing Prayer

Well, here goes my last post of 2008. A closing prayer for the year that was on my heart since this morning. I welcome you to pray it as you read it.

Father, thank you for this past year. Thank you for the gift of life in 2008. Thanks for your faithfulness shown in many ways all around the world. Thanks for the many simple signs for your faithfulness and might...like the 365 times that the sun rose and set this year. Lord, even though this year was full of pessimistic reports in our world, you are a great God and the giver of good gifts. Help us to keep focused on what is eternal, not the temporal mess we may see sometimes. Our God, tonight we give you praise through our struggles, rejoice in you, trust your plans, and we know that in our weakness, you are made strong! Thank you for 2008! We praise you for all that you did in our lives and our world!

And now, our King and Friend, we place this coming year into the hands of the one who gives us life and breath. We submit to your leadership, long for your love, desire your will, adore your name, believe in your son, and yearn for your spirit's move in our lives, your church and your world this coming year. God, we ask that this year be a year of healing, hope, restoration, victory, justice, peace, and favor! And, Lord, as we see those things, may we be careful to give you all the glory.

So, Lord, take all of me, all for you! Through Jesus, our Savior and coming King, Amen.