Fidel Castro, Chairman Mao and Church Planting

I have thought much about church size over the last few years. I used to think that bigger was better because it meant more people. Now I think that smaller is better because it means healthier churches and more churches...which leads to even more people. The New Testament is into multiplication. So is Jesus. So, we want to multiply disciples and churches as fast as we can. The harvest is great and the task is unfinished. But I am NOT anti large churches! I am just pro small churches. I have learned that you do not need to be against one thing to be for another.

That said....want to hear something crazy that I learned today?

What do Fidel Castro, Chairman Mao and Church planting have in common? Crazy question, huh?

Well, they actually have a lot in common. In a roundabout way, Castro and Mao both helped start a church planting movement!

Out of fear that churches would become political and threaten the government, both Mao and Castro demanded that churches not exceed a certain size (about 15) and meet in homes. They thought this was the right way to protect themselves and slow the spread of the church.

Guess what happened? The opposite. In both cases, it forced the church into health and multiplication. Small churches that were obeying Jesus together began multiplying rapidly all over both nations and today there are church planting movement in both Cuba and China as a result.

This is one of those beautiful ways that the Lord uses evil for good.

Thank you, Castro. Thank you, Mao. Above all, thank you, Jesus!