For a short season and a great reason...

If you were not at church yesterday, you missed the announcement that I shared with the community that Pastor Mike and his family will be transitioning out of CCF in the next few weeks. Pastor Mike and I have agreed to his resignation. It was our mutual sense that it was not the fit that we had hoped and prayed it would be. As it became more obvious that Mike and CCF were not the match we had hoped, we sensed the Lord's leading toward this decision.

Here is what I invite each of us to focus on these days:

  • God is sovereign. He moves people around and in and out of situations at His discretion. People come and go. Years come and go. But the word of the Lord will stand forever!
  • Pastor Mike is leaving in good standing and relationship with myself and the organization.
  • Pastor Mike made a difference in me and in CCF that will have lasting impact...for that we are thankful!
  • We made a difference in Mike's life and family that will have lasting impact! For that we are thankful!
  • God is holding CCF in His hands and has only the BEST in store for our future! He's got this!! God has heaped His favor on CCF for many years and I know that I know that He is still protecting us and planning for our great future as a church!
  • God is holding the Rosado family is His hands and has great plan in store for them as well! I know that I know that Mike is incredibly gifted and divinely called. I look forward to the story that will unfold for his future.

We have a great volunteer youth staff that will be stepping up to the plate and providing ministry and love to the youth of CCF! More info to come as they assemble and devise the plan.

If Mike made a difference on your life, tell him. Encourage him and love him, Kelly and Chase as they go.

"The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away, but blessed be the name of the Lord!" Job 1:21