From Communism to the Hood

I received this message the other day. It deeply encouraged me. And it reminded me that there are disciple makers at work more than we see... (I've removed name and country to protect the identity of the lady that sent me this- and share what I do with her blessing.)

"I see you've been hanging out with sinners too...My friends are deep hood folk, dancers, drunks, and drug addicts. They look to me as a white girl with flavor. Someone said I'm moving the mountains in the hood. I don't drink, don't smoke, and I keep my clothes on, but they like what I have to say... I break it down! I am just a Sister on a mission...and God is up to something good! They know I am church-going. But they don't see what I see. They don't see their purpose and calling. And sadly most of these men and women have never touched a white person in their lives. And here I am-- a communist raised woman from _________ - touching their souls. God is really up to something!!"