God's Decade

Last week, I posted a few times about starting a new decade. Well, we are now just a few days away. The more I think about this, the more I hear the Lord nudging me about how to approach this new year, new decade and new opportunity.

I want to make you a promise. You can take it to the bank and cash it in. You can count on this more than you can count on anything....
If you make this coming year and coming decade GOD'S....it will go down as the best season of your entire life. What do I mean?
  • Let your dreams match his teachings and plans.
  • Submit everything you are and everything you have to him. Really.
  • Plan your year based upon how HE can get the most glory and attention out of your life, not how YOU can get ahead!
  • Plan to intentionally let the commands of the Word of God be the marching orders for your year. Forget everything else.
  • Decide now that in the coming year(s), you want to know him more, hear him more, obey him more and love him more than you ever have before.
  • Make the intentional decision that you are no longer living your life for you, but for God!
  • Let your top new year's resolution be falling in love with Jesus like you never knew was possible!!
Then, watch what happens!
Ooh, ooh...and more promise: None of this will happen if you are not planning on spending time in the presence of the Lord each day. So, maybe that ought to be your first decision for 2010!