Great Book!

The book that I am reading this week is called "On Being A Servant of God"...I mentioned it in my Blog yesterday. Well, this book gets richer and richer. This morning, I had it on my schedule to Golf early and had arranged for Tricia to take Davis to my sister (who is watching him today). The rain messed golf up, but since it was all set for me to leave early, I did, and I headed off to Starbucks where I saw Danny and Anna (they work there and know what I drink before I get to the counter) and other friends that I see almost daily. I got my "Grande drip in a Venti Double Cup" and plopped down in my favorite chair to read. I then read half of this book! This is a good one. Jim Cymbala does the foreword, and in it he says that he has purchased and given out over 100 of these little books to pastors and friends. After reading half the book, I can see why!

Here are a few quotes from the book that I want to stay with me:

  • "When the Pilot does not know what port he is heading for, no wind is the right wind."
  • "The trouble with too many of us is that we think God called us to be manufacturers when he really called us to be distributors."
  • If we understand the idea above, Wiersbe says "You won't be frustrated trying to manufacture everything to get the job done; and when God blesses your work, you won't be tempted to take the credit."
  • God makes divine resources available to us when we do HIS work. We call that Grace. John 1:16 says we have all received "grace for grace." This image is kind of like the idea of an ocean sending wave after wave ashore. On this idea, Wiersbe says "It reminds me of the poor woman who had her first view of the ocean and stood on the shore weeping. When asked why she was weeping, she replied 'it's so good to see something that there is plenty of.'" WOW!
  • When we face difficulties as Christians, we should not ask "How can I get out of this?" Instead we should ask "What can I get out of this?"
  • "In whatever a man does without God, he must fail miserably--or succeed more miserably."

Taking a few moments to reflect on some of this really helps me to retain some of these truths. Maybe you appreciate it too! Like, Jim Cymbala...I will probably be buying a few copies of this one to give out! (in the same way it was given to me)

Great Book! Maybe I will share more later. Love!