Greatest Leadership Challenge

I was recently asked to answer the question -- "what is the greatest leadership challenge you face?" Here is my answer, without a doubt:

Knowing when to step out and provide point leadership for people VS. when to poll people, get opinions and let their feelings and feedback lead me. Undoubtedly, the single greatest leadership challenge is knowing when it is time to just say...."this is what I sense the Lord is saying, so here is where we are headed!" I struggle with doing this....ever! Every single decision that I make goes through the filter of everyone's opinions and feelings. And that's ok! I have to care about what people think and feel. But how far do I take that and how can I know those instances from the ones where I just need to LEAD and not ASK! God, help me with this one. I am struggling with this right now. There is a sense/idea/inspiration that I have had all week that I feel has awesome potential to take us to new heights as a church. I want so badly for God to write on the wall...."this is from me....DO IT....don't ask 75 people permission first!!" This is where I struggle. I lean toward wanting to go the safe route of making sure I sell the idea and please everyone first....simultaneously knowing that will never work.

Wow, I was just more open in this post than I set out to be. Just kinda happened. Oh, well. There you go. Just plain ole' me! I so badly want to be the leader God needs me to be at such a time as this!!