Healing...one way or another

Last night when I got home from visiting Andrew Taylor and his family at the hospital, I climbed in bed with my son and wept as I imagined the pain that the Taylor's must have felt as they were in the final moments of telling their son goodbye. I sensed (and twittered) this:

Healing is coming one way or another.
This morning at 10:20, healing came. Eternal healing. Not the healing that the Taylor's had hoped and prayed for, but healing nonetheless. In fact, healing all the more. Instead of being made whole temporarily, Andy was made whole eternally as he went to be with Jesus.
As I continue to walk with people through deeply painful losses, that leave us all with more questions than answers, I am increasingly convinced and comforted by the Lord's healing power. Because of Jesus, when we face death, we receive healing:
  • No more sorrow
  • No more pain
  • No more suffering
  • No more sickness
Healing MAY happen here on earth. Or healing may happen in eternity. Our ways are not God's ways. So often we wish things went our way. But, we can rest assured of this...100% of the time, God's ways are better.