How do you get the word out?

One of the things that I love about my role in ministry is that I get to hear about it. It. Whatever it is, I often get to hear about it. The good, bad and the ugly. Well, there is no ugly at CCF. Ahem. the close our Executive Board meeting tonight, Pastor Nelson and I just took some time to share some ministry wins. As we shared, it dawned on me again...
How do we get the word out?
How can we start to let more stories be heard.
There IS stuff happening. There IS life change happening. There ARE powerful stories all around us. I hear them. We see them. Some can't be public for various reason. But, many can! We need to get the word out.
How do we get the word out? In what meaningful and creative ways have you seen churches effectively tell the stories of life change happening among them? Leave a thought if you have one.