How fast can you get here?

Those were the words on the other end of the phone this afternoon! I need you to get here ASAP! Leave now! It was a friend and local Pastor....Keith Battle, Senior Pastor of Zion Church in Largo. Zion is a rapidly growing 2,000 member church. Keith is a personal friend. He taught me Bible in High School at Lanham Christian School. Keith is one of the most gifted leaders I know.

So, back to my story...when I heard the urgency in his voice I knew that I needed to head right out the door and that he must need me. I literally ran to my car and scooted up the road. He called me 5 times while I was on my way (no exaggeration). Guess why he needed me there? To meet someone that he thought looked just like me!!! Are you kidding me?

Maybe the true reason was to spend some time together...we spent the next hour talking and scheduled an afternoon together for next week. It was so good to see Keith today!
Wished I could have blogged earlier today. Several things on my heart, just no time to share them. Started my day today with a great quiet time and workout. That always starts the day on the right foot. Preached twice this morning at a local Christian School. Had several other meeting and a great, energetic staff meeting this afternoon. Our team is really gelling in great ways!

...enjoyed our evening and will be back at it tomorrow.