I left my relationship with Jesus at church

I try to spend a few days a week walking, connecting and sowing into Masiphumelele, the poor community near our home. There is really no way to begin to transfer to you the many things we experience that touch our hearts, tug our hearts and grieve our hearts. But, I would like to share a quick story... Last Friday, while walking in the community, a lady stopped me and asked me to pray for her. I asked her what made her think that I was a spiritual person or even believed in prayer. She said: "because you look like a Bishop"! (I was wearing a sweat suit--go figure.) Well, I told her it was her lucky day, that I not only believed in prayer, but that I would be happy to pray for her and believe in faith that God will grant what we ask. So, we did. Then, after I finished praying, I asked her this: "Do you have a personal friendship with Jesus?" To which she replied: "Yes, it's at St. John's Apostolic Church down that road there."

My heart sank. She understood my question, trust me. I get this all the time. Many "Christians" have no facility for a friendship or personal relationship with Jesus. They leave it at church every Sunday.

God, help us. Help us to know you, to love you and to stir the precious friendship you want with us.