I Miss Floyd

Our most recent Skype with Floyd & Sally  

Our most recent Skype with Floyd & Sally  

When I met Floyd McClung in 2010, I knew he was going to shape my future. What I didn't know was that a year later, my family would move 10 minutes from his home and join him in ministry. And I certainly wouldn't have been presumptuous enough to think that he would ask me to lead a school he pioneered or mentor me in leadership. But he did. A high honor, indeed. 

About 13 weeks ago Floyd became seriously ill and has still not recovered or returned to normal. He remains largely unresponsive and immobile. His wife Sally continues to stand by his side and thousands of people around the world are praying for his healing. I hate that it hasn't happened yet. And I don't understand why, especially with all this prayer. But I know that Floyd knows how good Jesus is regardless of what happens here. Jesus is his favorite topic! 

I miss Floyd. I miss walking on the beach with he and Sossy (his dog, who is his counselor). I miss his big hugs where I just buried my head into his torso, because reaching his neck was out of the question. I miss Skyping with him. And I'm really missing his counsel right now as we get ready to move into this next season of ministry. If anyone can stir up vision and beef up your plans, it's Floyd McClung. It's my belief that he is one of the leading influential voices of mission in our generation. 

Would you stand with us in continuing to announce the goodness and love of God in the midst of this frustrating moment for Floyd and Sally? And can we add our faith to theirs that Floyd would be made whole? We know this...God is able!  

Come on Floyd, we want more of what you've got...there aren't many like you.  

If you would like regular updates about Floyd's health you can get them by clicking HERE.