In Jesus Name, Amen

Is it a habit? Is it just what you are supposed to say? Or is there something about praying in the name of Jesus that connects us to the heart of God? Does it fill our prayers with power? I think so! I just think that we allow it to become mechanical instead of meaningful. Jesus told his Disciples the night before his death..."Whatever you ask in my name....!"

I think that there is fragrance in the name of Christ that appeals to the Lord!

I really appreciated the way that R.A. Torrey unpacked this concept his book "How To Pray":

If I go to a bank and hand them a check with my name signed to it, I am asking of that bank in my own name. If I have money in my account, they will cash it. If not, they will not. That check will have no traction if the account has no money.

However, if some wealthy depositor gave me a check written out to me, but signed by them, the bank would honor the check at once.

"It is like going to the bank of heaven when I go to God in prayer. I have nothing deposited there; I have absolutely no credit there, and if I go there in my own name, I will get absolutely nothing; but Jesus Christ has unlimited credit in heaven, and He has granted to me the privilege of going to the bank with His name on my checks; and when I thus go, my prayers will be honored to any extent. To pray then in the name of Christ, is to pray on the ground, not of my credit, but His!"

Caution: We can add the words "in the name of Jesus" at the end of our prayers, but really be praying in our own merit all along. Watch this.

There is truly POWER in the name of Jesus...especially when we understand it and use it with intentionality and authority!