Ingenious Way to Take a City

Multi-site Church Planting. Have you ever looked at many different churches in the same town or even the same street and thought to yourself..."Man, could you imagine what would happened if they all worked together.....combined their resources, stopped competing (whether they mean to or not) and start unifying their purpose of reaching their city for Jesus!?!?

Multi-site church planting comes closer to that than anything that I have ever seen.

Here is how it works in a nutshell (using CCF as an example):

  • Greenbelt Road in Lanham could serve as our main campus (until we outgrow it or buy more land around us).
  • Then we would begin opening up new campuses fairly regularly as God gives the increase.
  • We could have one in Bowie, one in Laurel, one in Greenbelt, one in Annapolis, one in Silver Spring....
  • Each campus would have its own "Campus Pastor", worship team, welcome ministry, kids ministry, youth ministry, etc.
  • Every campus would watch the same sermon each week on video (typically recorded from our main campus on Saturday night so there is time to work out glitches by Sunday morning).
  • The recording is taped and projected in such a way that you forget that you are watching a video. You have to try it to believe it.
  • Every campus is aligned to the same vision!!!! They talk the same language, they follow the same ministry model, they use the same bulletin, they print the same flyers, they decorate their campuses similar, paint with fun colors, have the same style signage, etc.
  • We would rejoice every time we open up a new location (sending people from that area to that location).
  • And people connect deeply in relationship and discipleship guessed it....SMALL GROUPS!!

Now imagine a day when there are 100 Capital Christian's in the DC Capital Region...Taking a city for GOD! I have the faith! Maybe I left out a zero on the number....should it have said 1,000....after all just how many unsaved people are there around us?

--The picture above is inside the Worship Center at Seacoast Church main campus last night (on my camera phone).