It's On!

Last night was Pastor Mike's first night with the youth! Man, am I glad that we waited to "open" the youth center to the youth until last night. It really added to the overall positive feel of the evening. New leader and a new space to meet in the same night. Pretty awesome!

It was captivating to witness the evening unfold. I wanted to be there to see it. The lights were dim and the atmosphere was set (the kids even had to wait until 7 to enter...really built anticipation). A few of the young people drank Sprite through their neighbors sock! Nasty! Only youth! After a powerful message by Pastor Mike about the presence of God entitled "Right Here, Right Now", the youth were making new commitments to God at the end of the service.

Amazing progress in one night! The future is bright indeed. I know that many, many young people will be saved and transformed through this youth ministry in the days to come.