Jeff Foxworthy

Last night, the conference hosts decided that 2,500 people needed to take a road, hundreds of cars caravaned to one of their other locations. It looked like an oversized funeral processional. North Point has 3 campuses. We all caravaned to one of the other facilities. By the way...this church owns 3 buildings. One was 33 million, one was 42 million and one was 50 million. They own all 3 free and clear. The church was planted in 1995. Take a moment to re-read that.

Anyway...back to last night. We arrived at the Brown's Bridge Church and had a big barbecue and tours of the building and then loaded into their auditorium for a night of fun. After listening to a great bluegrass band, a smart car (tiny little vehicle) drove onto the stage and out stepped Jeff Foxworthy (comedian and host of popular show "Are You smarter than a 5th Grader?"). He did an hour long comedy show for a room full of Pastors and Church Leaders. It was incredible. He actually did an awesome job and even got serious and talked about his commitment to Christ. He attends North Point Community Church.

Heading into our final session today. Conference ends at 2:30. We fly home this evening. I look forward to sharing some of the highlights with you later.