Last-Minute Hospitality

Every year, Tricia's work Christmas party is at her Principal's home. This year he had planned to host it again, but just last week realized that he would not be able to. Instead of it being canceled, Tricia really wanted to do it here (we do love to entertain). Well, it's tonight. Tricia and Davis are back from NY, the house is decked out for the Holidays, the Christmas music is playing, we've prepared some games, the candles are lit and we are ready to host about 30 people in our home tonight (Teachers and their spouses). Everyone brings something, but we have prepared lots of stuff as know how that goes. It should be fun. I got my list done and Tricia seems to have everything under control since she got home. Rock on!

Now, if I can just have a good time tonight and keep my mind off of tomorrow morning. We have a difficult announcement to share with the congregation, I am team teaching with Pastor TC (and don't feel as ready as I would like to feel), and a business meeting that one just never feels prepared enough for. Thanks to the Lord for a great Board Chair (Hal Smith), Treasurer (Ruth Yoder) and others who have worked so hard to get us ready for tomorrow. I know I am worrying for nothing.

Anyway, on to our "last-minute hospitality!!!"